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How Do I Install Wheel Covers and Hubcaps Correctly?

Wheel covers and hubcap facts:

Wheel covers or hubcaps, are molded covers that fit over your existing steel vehicle rims to enhance the appearance of painted steel rims. The reason vehicle manufactures put wheel covers or hubcaps on their vehicles is to improve the appearance, at a lower cost than adding expensive alloy type wheels. Wheel covers and hubcaps are typically mounted on vehicles that do not have the more expensive and lighter alloy wheels.

Wheel center caps are also sometimes mistakenly referred to as hubcaps or wheel covers. However, wheel covers and hubcaps cover the entire wheel (full coverage) unlike wheel center caps that typically will only cover the very center of the wheel. However, there are also a few styles of wheel center caps that cover the wheel lug nuts. Wheel center caps in the majority of cases are not generic fit.

Typically modern day wheel covers and hubcaps are made out of plastics. Many styles of wheel covers and hubcaps have chromed simulated lug nuts which are non functional. The sole purpose for simulated lug nuts is to improve the wheel cover or hubcap appearance and hide the actual wheel lug nuts which are typically not chromed and not very attractive.

Wheel cover retention facts:

Most modern wheel covers and hubcaps use spring steel clips and or wire retention. These type of retention systems are usually quite secure as long as the hubcaps or wheel covers are fully seated into the wheel. If they are mounted properly to the wheel they will not come off unless you need to remove them to change a tire. Note: wheel covers / wheel covers should only be installed on painted steel wheels for proper fit and are not designed to secure properly to chrome plated wheels. A few vehicle manufacturers make wheel covers or hubcaps that bolt on to the steel wheels under the lug nuts. Unlike spring steel / wire retention hubcaps and wheel covers, lug nuts must be removed in order to install bolt on styles.

What size wheel covers do I need?

Your vehicles wheel cover size is the same as your tire size. If your vehicle takes 14"tires, your wheel cover size is 14".

Are wheel covers or wheel center caps available that will match my original factory equipment ones?

Quite a few of the styles we offer are factory replica wheel covers. These styles often look very similar to original equipment parts. However, we cannot guarantee replica styles will match Exactly the original equipment counterpart. For full wheel cover / wheel cover replicas click Here. For wheel hub center caps click Here.

Are used wheels, wheel covers, wheel trim or center caps available?

We sell brand NEW, first quality wheel covers unless specifically noted as a used OEM take off part.

We also offer new wheel center caps, and a limited supply of OEM take off, wheel center caps. Lincoln center caps are OEM Take Offs as noted.

You can buy a brand new, first quality, set of 4 wheel covers, wheel trim or center caps from us often for around the same price as 1 used wheel cover, wheel trim part or center cap.

We DO NOT sell seconds.

Will wheel covers fly off?

Our wheel cover line uses a state of the art, patented, spring steel clips and or wire retention. This system provides the most secure retention possible. If they are mounted properly to the wheel they will not come off unless you need to remove them to change a tire. Note: wheel covers and hubcaps should only be installed on painted steel wheels for proper fit and are not designed to secure properly to chrome plated wheels.

(TIP: ALWAYS CHECK to see that your wheel covers are securely fastened after taking your vehicle to a garage if your wheel had to be removed for service.)

How do I know your wheel covers will fit my vehicle?

In 99% of the cases, wheel covers are interchangeable among different makes and models as long as you stay within the same tire size. In other words, our wheel cover line will fit 99% of all vehicles on the road today. In the majority of cases a 14" wheel cover will fit a vehicle with 14" tires. The same is true with all other wheel sizes*. Feel free to choose the style of wheel cover that appeals to you from any of our "general styles" or "replicas" within your wheel/tire size.

*However, the old adage is "there's an exception to every rule" and in this case the exception is a few 1980s vehicles with 13" tires/wheels.

For example, If you have a 1980s Front Wheel Drive vehicle with 13 "wheels, you should choose a wheel cover style that is similar to your current style** , especially if your current style does not have simulated lug nuts. This a safe way to go. **(assuming you had wheel covers on the vehicle at some point)

Simulated lug nuts are inset into the face of the wheel cover and require slightly more clearance to fit properly. However, by far the majority of our 13" wheel covers will fit front wheel drive vehicles with 13 " wheel/tire sizes without a problem.

A few, older model front wheel drive vehicles with 13" tires have "high crown" wheels ( the center of the wheel protrudes beyond the wheel rim edge.) You can easily see this if you look at your wheel. These few vehicles need either a more convex design wheel cover or a style without simulated lug nuts. If after examining your wheel, you find this to be your case (13" wheel/tire sizes) either email us your vehicle year, make, model & tire/wheel size or just give us a ring. We will be happy to recommend a appropriate style to you.

For all other wheel sizes, you can choose from any of our wheel covers within your wheel/tire size. Fit in general has not been a problem for years.

Can I get "Bolt On" wheel covers for my vehicle?

Bolt on wheel covers are available for very few vehicles. Any "bolt on style" wheel cover on this site will list a specific make, model, and year application. These particular styles will not fit any vehicle other than what is stated. The majority of wheel covers in use today (millions) use a wire retention type system like that of our products. We have found this to be the best system overall for wheel cover retention. We have been in the wheel cover and hubcap business since 1976. Fly-offs are not a concern in any climate. Proper installation is easily accomplished without tools.

Can I purchase aftermarket (non OEM) wheel covers with the original factory emblems?

No company can sell replicas with original equipment trademarks. If we could, no doubt the manufacturers of our parts would increase prices relative to the cost of the original equipment parts. This principal applies to all mfgs of aftermarket parts, whether they make fuel pumps or wheel covers.

Our aftermarket wheel covers sell for significantly less than original equipment parts. If you want the emblem or trademark you'll have to buy an original equipment part.

Are metal wheel covers available?

Metal wheel covers are nearly obsolete even at the original equipment level. The situation is similar to that of metal dashboards which are now obsolete but once were the material of choice for car makers. Our wheel covers are made from high-tech plastics, the material of choice for most of the worlds car makers and wheel cover manufacturers. Today, automobile interior and exterior parts, including body panels are being made out of plastics. Also, please be aware that there are different grades of plastic. "Have everything" retailers typically sell the cheapest grade cap they can buy. Our wheel covers caps are professional grade, used and sold by car dealers and many professionals who work for car dealers installing wheel covers. These wheel covers feature a 2 step base coat/clear coat finish for excellent durability, in sharp contrast to what is often sold at have everything retail stores. Our wheel covers will typically provide years of trouble free service.

The only metal styles available are RV related, some trim rings, dually wheel liners / simulators, baby moons, stainless steel wire styles, and racing disks.

Are wheel center caps available for my vehicle?

We stock many styles of center caps for specific vehicle models. Wheel center caps are not generic fit.

What about wheel cover and hubcap quality?

These important facts are often hidden from most consumers.........

Many 'have everything retailers', auto parts stores and cut rate wheel cover dealers are selling wheel covers that are made out of brittle, cheap, recycled plastics which break easily. The reason that they buy these to sell to you is because they are cheap! We refuse to sell inferior quality wheel covers, hubcaps and related wheel trim to our customers.

In contrast, our professional grade, wheel covers and hubcaps, are made out of 100% virgin plastics which have Far Better durability, but are much more costly to produce.

Our wheel covers and hubcap lines also have added expensive flex agents which are not found in many wheel trim lines . These added expensive flex agents ensure long term performance under the harshest weather conditions. Unlike the cheap brands, our professional grade wheel covers and hubcaps can be removed if necessary to change a tire without damage to the hubcap or your vehicle wheel.

Additionally, unlike many cheap knock off brands, all of our silver and dual color wheel covers utilize a state of the art base coat / clear coat finish system for long lasting finish durability. Base coat / clear paint systems are also used at the OEM level.

The truth of the matter is that there are many wheel cover and hubcap manufacturers. Quality varies widely from one manufacturer to the next. This is sometimes not obvious to those not in the trade as the manufacturers. making the cheap, inferior products, often produce styles that are knock-offs to the manufacturers making the professional grade products. They may look similar initially, but in fact the quality is quite different from the professional grade wheel covers and hubcaps that we sell. Since 1976, we have only been selling the very best quality wheel covers and hubcaps available. We refuse to offer our customers anything less than the best wheel trim available. See what our customers say.

Wheel Skin Information

Our wheel skins use a patented rim clip design. The rim clips are forced between the tires outer edge and the rims outer edge. This is very similar to how wheel weights are attached to your rim. The attachment is very secure and the wheel weights do not interfere with the wheel skin installation in any way. Some of our wheel skin styles also use CAD designed retention clips that snap into designated gaps in the wheel. Professional grade retention is used in every wheel skin we offer. We do not sell chinese made IMP wheel skins as other companies do.

Can I use a style of wheel cover that is different from what came on my vehicle from the factory?

In most cases, wheel cover styles are interchangeable among different makes and models. Our wheel covers will fit most vehicles with steel wheels. In the vast majority of cases, any 14" wheel cover style will fit on any vehicle that has 14" tires and steel wheels. The exception is Honda vehicles, which in many cases can only use a Honda style wheel cover. However, most Honda vehicles can use a different style wheel cover than what was mounted at the factory, as long as the new style is also a Honda style.

Can I put wheel covers on my aluminum alloy wheels?

Wheel covers are not designed to work with aluminum alloy wheels. In some cases wheel skins will fit if available for your make, model and year vehicle.

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