Fastkap Retracting, Folding, Collapsible, Truck Bed

Topper Cover / Camper Shell Canopy

Pickup Truck Tonneau Cover

Fastkap is a unique retracting, folding, collapsible truck bed cover / topper for pickup trucks. It offers the lockable cargo protection of a hard shell camper or truck bed tonneau cover when extended, and the open instant access of an uncovered pickup truck bed when retracted. Fastkap truck bed covers are designed for specific make, model and year full size short and long bed trucks.

Fastkap, Fas Cap or Fascap Convertible truck bed cover, camper shell, and pickup truck bed topper 


With a Fastkap retracting, folding, collapsible truck bed cover / topper installed on your pickup truck, you will never have to go through the hassle of removing a heavy truck bed topper again!

The Fastkap glides easily from full extension to the stored position in seconds. In the stored position, the Fastkap retracting, folding, collapsible truck bed cover / topper is securely locked away in its own protective fiberglass gel coated cab spoiler. In the stored or fully extended position, the Fastkap provides a protective enclosure for your pet outside your cab.

 Fastkap, Fas Cap or Fascap Convertible truck bed cover, camper shell, and pickup truck bed topper

 Fastkap, Fas Cap or Fascap Convertible truck bed cover, camper shell, and pickup truck bed topper

The Fastkap comes complete with a classy fiberglass gel coated cab spoiler which can be painted to match your truck. We can ship the cab spoiler painted or unpainted. The front window of the Fastkap cab spoiler is clear tempered glass. An optional sliding glass window is also available for those who want access to the truck bed from their cab. The locking rear hatch window is tinted tempered glass.

Fastkap retracting truck bed toppers provide outstanding all weather protection and are perfect for off road enthusiasts, tailgating, sporting events, hunting, fishing, camping, or for simple tasks such as hauling the groceries home. Fastkap collapsing covers are used by tradesmen, farmers, construction workers, delivery services, and businesses of all types. Fastkap is the perfect solution for people who want to use their pickups to carry cargo dry and secure after towing their 5th wheel RVs. The Fastcap is also used by many as a protective camper shell for overnight wilderness outings.

 Fastkap, Fas Cap or Fascap Convertible truck bed cover, camper shell, and pickup truck bed topper

 Fastkap, Fas Cap or Fascap Convertible truck bed cover, camper shell, and pickup truck bed topper

The Fastkap retractable folding, truck bed cover / topper is made from a high end, marine grade fabric called SeaMark. SeaMark is the Ultimate Marine Fabric manufactured by one of the worlds foremost fabric companies, Haartz. Haartz engineers have expertly waterproofed Sunbrella®, the premier woven acrylic fabric, by combining it with a textured marine grade vinyl. This new fabric design offers the best of both worlds - a beautiful, colorfast outer fabric with the added durability of a waterproof marine grade vinyl backing. The fabric is also given a Fluorocarbon Finish which adds long term UV, Water, Mildew, and Fade Resistance. This outstanding canopy fabric is designed to withstand the harshest winters and hottest of summers and carries a full 5 year warranty. SeaMark is a top of the line fabric designed for those who demand the very best.


 Fastkap, Fas Cap or Fascap Convertible truck bed cover, camper shell, and pickup truck bed topper

Fastkap collapsible retracting truck bed covers have a powder coated metal frame to ensure long term durability. The rail system is made from high quality stainless steel for rust free service in the harshest salt environments. The rail system is installed by means of unique hidden fasteners installed in the truck bed stake holes for a no drill, high end custom look. If you ever desire to remove the Fastkap, the unit can be stored in a 2 ft. x 6 ft. space.

Fastkap truck bed covers are protected by a 1 year warranty on all parts and workmanship, in addition to the 5 year fabric warranty. Fastkap is simply the classiest, most versatile locking convertible pickup truck bed tonneau cover ever made!

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The Fastkap is a brilliant concept and a fabulous hard shell camper top alternative - within 30 seconds I either have a covered cargo hauler or full access to my pick-up box. Thanks for a truly ingenious design that is so well built. Mike Day

The Fastkap retractable canopy is the most versatile device for a truck box ever made in my opinion. I am more than pleased with mine and recommend it highly to anyone looking for a truck cap. Rene Wilson

Even my 10 year old son can open and close the Fastkap it glides so easily. No more crawling into the topper to get at our cargo. HOORAY!!! I would never own another kind of truck bed tonneau cover. Fastkap rocks! Thanks, Kathy Coleman

"Wherever I go people are always asking about my Fastkap and I'm always proud to show it off. Very Impressive. H. E. Harmon

The stainless steel box rails and the fiberglass cab spoiler give my truck an upgraded, sporty appearance. Thanks for such a well made,useful and stylish product! Bill Estes

Best of all worlds...I have had many trucks over the years with many types of box covers - roll away, tonneau and hard top covers. Fastkap gives me the best of all worlds. Rick Vincent - Central Valley Truck

I saw the Fastkap on a truck about a year before I purchased mine. When I bought my truck, I bought the Fastkap and have been very very happy with this top. Now I have the versatility I was looking for - the ability to carry tall items, my canoe, etc. Fastkap also gives my truck a very classy look! A sincere thank you for a truly great top. Dave P.

Fastkap is the best choice for a pickup truck bed tonneau cover, Period. We've had ours on two separate trucks over the last seven years . I am simply amazed how well your cap has held up as it is retracted and expanded multiple times per day due to the nature of our business. It's ability to roll away in less than a minute has saved me an enormous amount of time, over the past few years. I've had to haul everything from a L10 Cummins to a skid of brake drums, as well as smaller products that allow me to keep it closed and the items dry, even in a heavy downpour! Outstanding!!!! Brian Hannigan

I really love my Fastkap top! It is so adaptable. We have a family owned antique furniture store, and I get called upon to pick up and move furniture all the time. The movable top really is a big advantage when I need to load or unload furniture. I also frequently travel with the top in place to keep my cargo dry and secure. When we have oversized loads it is simple to move the top to the front and still have plenty of cargo area for tall pieces of furniture. An example of this is the large reed organ I brought back from Virginia to Alabama. Previously I had fiberglass tops on my trucks. It was so hard to load or unload furniture. Never again! With this cover, we have had no problem whatsoever. I am so glad I found your cover. It is truly the perfect solution for our furniture moving needs! Thanks again. Al


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