16" Ford Transit Duallie Wheel

 Simulator Hubcap Rim Liner Covers

            Transit Wheel Simulator Rim Liner Hubcap Covers

Fits Ford Transit with dual rear wheels - 16" 6 lugs, 12 vent hole steel wheels 2014-current.

Set of (4) - 2 front covers for steer axle and two rear covers for dual drive axle. 

State of the Art Over The Lug Mounting attaches securely to the wheels without lug nut removal. The set includes the mounting hardware, installation tool, and shipping within the contiguous 48 USA states. Please be informed that we will no longer process orders for shipment outside of the contiguous 48 US states, sorry.

For steel wheels only - NOT FOR ALUMINUM WHEELS.

Our wheel covers are manufactured from bright polished stainless steel and backed by our lifetime warranty. We do not use anything but the best quality stainless to avoid the cracking and yellow tint discoloration that is common to lower quality generic unbranded knock-off covers. Our products will NEVER RUST in any climate and rival chrome in appearance. 

In the event of damage or an accident, we also make available single covers or hardware to our customers, so you can fix what is required, rather than be forced into buying a whole new set.

Each set or individual cover we offer includes our trademark high-quality resin bubble center emblems (as shown) that dress up the appearance when installed and are your assurance you have purchased Genuine Eagle Flight covers.

Eagle Flight covers meet the highest ISO quality standards. Meeting such stringent world-renowned manufacturing standards is rare in our industry and assures the highest level of fit and finish. Every one of our Eagle Flight covers will look the same as the day of installation when the vehicle is retired from service and will NEVER RUST or turn yellow over time. Unlike low quality, unbranded stainless wheel covers, which often will rust and typically do not have a warranty (or a very minimal one at best), our Eagle Flight covers have a Lifetime Finish Warranty which serves as your assurance you have purchased the highest quality available.

If you need assistance, please contact us, and we will be happy to help. Please include the following information with your correspondence. 1. Your wheel number, including any other stamped rim numbers 2. Your vehicle make, model, and year 3. Your wheel lug nut count and hand count

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