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  JDU1608 wheel cover wheel simulator chrome stainless steel
        liners hubcaps

Stainless Steel Liner Hubcaps

1978-1998 FORD F350 2X4 with Dual Rear Wheels 16" 8 Lug 4 Vent Holes

Easy installation with under the lug bolt on mounting to your steel wheels

Fits Wheel Numbers:

29587; 27400; 27604; 27725; 27756; 27772; 27796; 27922; 27993; 27994; 27995; 28177; 28322; 28333; 28348; 28353; 28356; 28511; 28603; 28623; 28682; 29315; 29334

Please verify your wheel number

Wheel numbers can be located in one of 2 possible places, either between the lug nuts, or about a inch from the wheels outer edge, stamped into the steel.

Manufactured from the highest quality, brightly polished stainless steel that will never rust or turn yellow over time like lower quality products. Our wheel covers actually rival chrome in appearance and are backed by our lifetime finish warranty.

Shipping within the contiguous 48 states. Outside this area please contact us for a shipping quote.


The price is for a brand new set of 4

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