Dayton Spoke
Wheel Simulators Wheel Covers
  QC1025R-AIR wheel cover wheel simulator chrome stainless
        steel liners

Dayton Spoke
Stainless Steel Liner Hubcaps

22.5" Universal mount for Drive Axle with Ring Mount Retention (deep depth). The wheel covers mount to a ring that is fitted into the groove on the wheel. The ring has a tension nut that enables a tight fit to the wheel. This ring has screw attachment points for the anti-theft head screws that mount through the face of the wheel covers. A special tool (included) is required to install and remove the covers.

Fits most Disc "Budd" style, Duplex "Flotation" style and Demountable "Dayton" or "Spoke" style wheels. Universal mount fits 6, 8 or 10 lugs with wheel numbers as noted below.

Complete Set of 2 Rear Drive Axle wheel covers. We also include a high quality rear valve stem extension set (
stainless steel braided hoses) so you can air up your duals on the face of the wheel covers.

The depth of this SHALLOW dish set is aprox. 2.5".


R93790; 28828; 28840; 29001; 29028; 29164; 29169; 29222; 29300; 29364; 29846; 50408; 50487; 100-8901; 100-8910; 100-9207; 87893E; 87904E; 87905E; 87934E; 88884E; 89920E; 89921E; 90260E; 90262E; 90273E; 90541E; 90614E; 90631E; 91048E; R87460; R87540; R93590; 28670; 28642; 28549; 28492; 28487; 28484; 28476; 28440; 28415; 28408; 28160; 28157; 27836; 27835; 27834; 27833; 27766; 27765; 27709; 27686; 27685; 27611; 27503; 27461; 27404; 27403; 25672; 25495; 25451; 25430; 25415

Important: Please check your wheel number before ordering. Wheel numbers are stamped between the lugs or about a inch in from the wheels outer edge. 

Manufactured from the highest quality, brightly polished stainless steel that will never rust or turn yellow over time like lower quality products. Our wheel covers actually rival chrome in appearance and are backed by our lifetime finish warranty.

Part# AEQC1025R-AIR

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