Wheel Simulator Rim Liner Hubcap Covers

About Us:

We opened in 1976 and entered the wheel cover business in 1979.

Our extensive wheel cover line is widely known for industry leading quality, lasting durability, and precision fit. Eagle FlightŪ simulators are manufactured from the highest quality polished stainless steel that rivals chrome in appearance, and will NEVER RUST, crack, or turn yellow. Every set we offer will provide many years of maintenance-free great looks, backed up with our Lifetime Warranty.

We have a full line available in sizes ranging from 16" through 24.5" to fit nearly every make and model van, truck and trailer on the road today. Installation is simple as 1-2-3 if you choose our Easy No Lug Removal sets. Most applications are available with no lug removal, bolt-on retention.

We also offer Easy Mount Universal Wheel Simulators. These wheel simulators will fit virtually all 22.5" wheels, including demountable (spoke) wheels.

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