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A Few Comments From Our Customers

Hi, we received and installed our rv sheepskin seat covers today and I have to say that these are the highest quality we have ever purchased. The pelt quality is extremely dense and plush and the fit is right on. We are extremely pleased and just wanted to let you know. We have many Rv friends and will refer you heartily. Great job!! Jeremy Livingston II

Wow, great job!! The wheel simulators look great on my dually, quick delivery, easy installation, great
instructions, way better quality then was on the truck.... thanks so much
jeff from virginia

Will, As promised, I am sending you this to thank you personally along your company for supplying me outstanding seat covers. They are everything your company stated and as I stated in our phone conservation, they fit like a glove and look outstanding. I know they will do two things, one: protect my existing seat covers and two: I am confident they will wear like iron. I am truly a satisfied customer, and with pleasure and confidence recommend your company to my friends in need of seat covers. Again Thanks so much.

P.S. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to put them on.

Click here for a typical example of our seat covers. These images were kindly submitted to us after being installed by one of our customers.

Subject: 1993 Chevrolet pickup seat covers

Thank you for the velour seat covers I ordered for my 1993 Chevrolet Z/71 pickup. They fit perfectly. I would definitely order from you again!!! Rated A+++++++++++++

Sincerely yours, Jerry

Subject: Re: Carvelli

Hi, Just a quick note to tell you how satisfied I am, with the wheel skins that I ordered, When I bought my Ford F150 8 years ago the wheel skins were already on the vehicle, but last month I bought new tires and on the way home from the tire store I lost two of them on the freeway. I was so upset, until I received your product, they look so nice and much better then the old ones. So now if I get any work done that has to do with removing the wheel skins I will remove myself, and install myself. I would like to pass this on to your customers. Thank you for such great service. sincerely J.C.

Subject: Wheel Skins

The wheel skins really look great on the car. Thanks for the fast service and believe me I will tell friends about you guys.... Thanks again...

Subject: Wheel Skins

Dear Bill, I recieved the wheel skins today, and I put them on, and oh my god,what a difference in looks. I debated for months about buying them, now I dont know why. It could be me but I swear the old jeep looks younger. Anyway thanks for all your help, Im looking at the seat cover section now, so I will be buying again soon. Thanks again. Barry

Subject: Just wanted to say thanks

I just received my low profile tonneau cover today. I couldn't wait to put in on, it took less than half an hour to install in and it looks great on my dodge short bed pickup. I can't tell you how happy I am with it. I was worried at first when I ordered it because of the odd size of my bed, but it was a perfect fit. Thanks Again Richard Crouch, Baltimore MD

Subject: seat covers / wheel covers

Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that the wheelskins arrived for my Jeep Cherokee last week and they fit and look great.

My seat covers arrived this afternoon and they fit like a glove and match the interior perfectly.

Thanks for the speedy service. I'm very pleased. Paul Corkran

Subject: seat covers

Hello, a few months ago I ordered seat covers from you, I love them. They fit snug and tight to the seat, I even had a judge at a show compliment me for them and asked me where I got them, when I told him that they were covers and not rewrapped he was surprised, thanks for making a quality product, I have suggested these to several friend that have ordered them as well. Keep up the good work.

A Very Happy Customer,

Jean Gibson

Good Morning!
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I received my sheepskin seatcovers on Friday, right on schedule, and that everything is perfect. I installed the covers in my Jeep right when I got them and they are sooo comfortable, a real pleasure to finally have those on my seats now! It was more than worth the wait, which, really, was really not long at all.
One thing I'd like to mention... I was a little surprised by the color of the sheepskin at first when I opened the box... I thought the color was going to be a little more of a light grey... it looked more like an SF7 than an SF9, as I had ordered, when I first looked at the skins, but, after placing my original sample on the seat cover itself, it blended right in! Pearlescent is really a pearl color (duh! :)), so more of a whitish color than a grey... the finished product is actually what I was really looking for to begin with, so, as I said, it is absolutely PERFECT!
Also, aside from the really wonderful product I received, I want to thank you all for always being so friendly, efficient, thorough and helpful, throughout the whole process. It is indeed a great pleasure doing business with you and I will be sure to recommend your company and products to anyone in need of first class seat covers!
I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Until then, Have a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2006!
Very cordially, Joss Grandeau Twin Falls, Idaho

Got my wheel covers today in really good time!! they totally change the look of my vehicle! Very Totally Awesome! Plus, when I snapped them on,total snug perfect fit and you can feel the quality that went into it! Thanks Guys,Your the Best!!! Larry Hinty, Southern Ohio ......Feel Free to use above statement in any manner of advertising you choose! Because I meant every word! thanks again Larry H! Click here for details.

I "E" mailed you guys earlier today inquiring about when I would be getting my new sheepskin seat covers. Well I sent the mail too soon because the seat covers came today. I would like to thank you because they are beautiful. I had similar ones in my car for many years from a company that used to sell them locally but they were never up to the quality of your covers. In the future I am going to order some more covers for my wife 99 Grand Am GT. thanks again. Rick Hammock Click here for details.

Thanks for a great product. The Softopper looks great and functions even better. It literally can be installed or removed in minutes and the carry pouch makes moving the unit easy. I was skeptical of the overall quality of a "soft top" but I'm happy I decided to buy your product. I can't count how many people have commented on the Softopper. This thing is great for camping and easily folds out of the way or pulls off when it's time for work. Thanks again, Chris G Amherst, Ohio - Click for details

I wish to thank you for the very fast service I received on my order. I received my order about 2 weeks sooner than I expected. The Racing Stainless Steel Disc's in 15" I ordered are very well made and fit my truck perfectly. They have really changed the way my truck looks. I have had positive comments by everyone who has seen then since I installed them today. Once again I want to thank you for a fine product and great service. Tsgt.John Harold

My order arrived today. I ordered wheel skins for my 2003 Toyota Tundra. They arrived in perfect condition. I put them on and they fit perfectly. The skins are nice looking and really enhance the looks of my truck. Thank you. Jimmie Boles - Click here for details

Hi folks. I just wanted to let you know that my tonneau cover arrived today, and I couldn't be happier. The quality of the cover is superb, your shipping was fast and installation was a snap!! I want to thank you for your outstanding service, and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you once again. William Silken, Jr.

I was very pleased when I received my wheel cover order. They look exactly like the originals except these are chrome. (That is what I ordered.) I waited until now to write this note of thanks because I wanted to see if they would remain on the Van when I "put some miles" on them. (I have ordered from other vendors, and have lost a replacement wheel cover within a day or two of installing them.) I am pleased to say they look great, and remained on the van during a 1200 mile round trip to Detroit from our home in Western Kentucky. If they could stand the rough roads in Michigan, I guess they will never fall off. Again I say thinks to Autoenhance. Harry Hinzman Click here for details.

Just a note to let you know the softtopper worked great, just as expected. I've never seen one so simple to assemble. My wife and 8 year old grandson did all the assembly. We had a lot of great comments about it. This topper has already traveled almost 4000 miles and even went through a wicked hail storm with no problems. Thanks again for busting your can in order to get it to me on time. Sincerely, Vern P Click here for details.

I am in the customer service of the things I teach (and preach) is to not only meet the customers needs but to always strive to exceed their expectations.

I recently ordered a set of Custom seat covers for my GMC truck. You promptly Emailed AND called me to clarify my order. My order was quickly completed and sent to me. There were detailed (but not complex) instructions on how to install the new seat covers including how to remove the head-rest (it would not have been apparent to me to insert a pin in the small hole on one shaft of the head-rest supports!!). The seat covers fit perfectly. I was surprised that storage pockets were build into the backs of the covers and even more surprised with the small compartment in the front of the cover!

You guys did what few companies can exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with all aspects of my dealings with your company. Sincerely,
Glenn C. Morrow Jr.," Click here for details.

Hi, I received my seat covers yesterday, and I wanted to let you know how pleased I was. The fit is superb, the quality and craftsmanship is absolutely outstanding....if I didn't know any better, I'd say that these seats were definitely re-upholstered. As many people usually are, I was a little apprehensive about buying something like this off of a website, but my mind was put at ease the minute I opened the boxes. It's not too often that you find someone out there who does it right, cares about their customers, and stands behind their product the way Auto Enhancements does. I'll definitely be recommending your work to everybody I know. Thanks again, Eric Crandell, 97 Jeep Wrangler Krandle Eric Click here for details.

I just bought a set of wheel covers from you online and I want to commend you that you use ePublicEye. I had never heard of it before, but I looked into it through the link you have on your web site and I was impressed. I think that because you use it, it says a lot about the quality of your company and the people who work there. Greg Borchardt Click here for details.

We received our seat cover order---thank you. Your choice for our car out-does what we could have order. They are perfect and look fantastic---even our neighbors wanted to know if we had a new car. Now, if only, you could order a new convertible top for us! Thank you, Donald Bechard Click here for details.

I received my tonneau cover only 10 days after my order and I love it. All I could find locally was the snap-on style, and the flip-lock on your website looked very appealing. I was right, it looks great. I've even saved a few dollars getting what I wanted! Thanks for a honestly priced quality product. Steve McGarvey Click here for details.

I just purchased a tonneau cover for my 2000 Chevy S-10 and received it within a few days. The product was very nicely made, the instructions were easy to follow, and I had it on in about 1/2 hr. Sites like make buying on the net safe and easy. Thanks for everything, Robert Smith Click here for details.

I purchased a set of factory replica wheel covers for my 1996 Pontiac Bonneville from you a month or so ago. I'm really impressed with the quality of the wheel covers and the fast service. I received the wheel covers just a few days after I submitted my online order.

Your replica wheel covers are the same style as the originals, but the replicas look so much better than the originals! I'm very pleased with my purchase and will recommend your site to my friends and family. Thanks so much! Catherine Williams Click here for details.

Thanks for giving me excellent customer service...This was my first order... and I am impressed. THANKS AGAIN, Cheri Vincent

I just wanted to give a quick thanks for my console. It is a very nicely made organizer and I couldn't be happier with it. And for the money - it was a great value. I'm a mother of three so I know a value when I see it. I also wanted to let everyone know that Bill LeClaire is a very nice, friendly customer service person to deal with. He never treated me like I didn't know what I was doing. I appreciate that! Sincerely, Nancy Murphy Click here for details.

I purchased sheepskin seat covers from My A/C went out in Myrtle Beach 2 weeks ago. I never was glued to the seat because of the heat+humidity. Wonderful. My neighbor went with her son and they both said the sheepskin was too hot to sleep on. Phooey! I had a lot of lonely driving listening to them snoring almost the whole trip. I got the covers to protect the leather covers against my dog's nails. Now I don't let him in the car.......Jim Reagan Click here for details.

Hi! I spent some time searching around my city in Canada for a decent set of wheel covers for my 16" Blizzaks ('98 Maxima SE) but I had no luck. I turned to the web and found your store and was greeted by several choices. After some apprehension (I don't shop on the web!), I'm happy to say that they fit and look great! I was surprised by how the finish of the wheel covers matched my original 5 spoke mags! If anyone asks where I got them I would definitely recommend your store! Regards, Daniel Click here for details.

Just a note to express my satisfaction with the service I received from your company. The wheel covers I ordered arrived the day before Christmas, fit perfectly, and are beautiful! I am especially impressed with the retention clip system on the wheel covers. Again, thank you for a most enjoyable shopping experience!

P.S.: Our Pontiac Transport looked especially sharp tooling around in the unusual white Christmas we enjoyed. Have a great year 2000! Tom Roberts Click here for details.

I just received the wheel covers that I ordered just three days ago. Thanks for processing my order so quickly, and the quality of the wheel covers is the best! You've got my highest recommendation! Thanks again, Stu Guchi Click here for details.

Hello, I just wanted to drop a note commenting on the tonneau I purchased for my '95 Ram SB. The low profile cover looks great, and is relatively easy to remove and install. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship and hope to purchase more items from you. Until then your web site is book marked. Sincerely, Roy L. Ridgley Click here for details.

Just wanted to let you know that the Softopper arrived in the nick of time, arrived on the 29th. Great cap. Worked well ice fishing up in Canada and quite a few people were impressed with it. Being able to open the sides up and get to gear at the back of the bed without crawling in is great. Also held up well in the wind and freezing conditions. Glad I bought it! Take care, Rod B Click here for details.

I received my seat covers about a month ago, and needless to say that I was extremely pleased with the professional quality and craftsmanship of the seat covers. I am normally very very picky about what I expect for a certain price, but the color matched great, they fit perfectly, and it only took me about half an hour to install. I'm going to recommend you guys to everyone. Thanks, Curtis Osby Click here for details.

We want to thank you for the prompt delivery of the seat covers for our 1992 GMC Yukon. They went on relatively easy and look about as close to original as we could hope for. The fabric appears to be an upgrade in quality from the original, the quilting lines match up perfectly and the blue color is very close to the original. The workmanship and fit are better than we ever expected for seat covers.

It is nice to know that we have maintained the excellent interior of our vehicle. Our GM service department keeps thinking our 1992 vehicle is a 1998 model. Thanks to you, we may be able to perpetuate the myth a few more years! Thanks again, Herb & Norma Steinbacher Click here for details.

By the way, I am amazed at how much nicer these wheel covers are compared to the ones I found in Auto zone and Napa. I was tempted to buy the ones in the store for the sole reason that I'd have them instantly. They were slightly cheaper, but way more cheesy! I am impressed by the selection you have available and for a very reasonable price. Thanks again, Heidi Yost Click here for details.

Our Baja CA trip.......The Softopper worked great all 1500 miles, and remember that over 400 were off road !!! Sun, rain, sand, wind, saltwater, dirt and rocks... not a problem. And at home we just rinsed it off, put it back in the tote bag and stuck it on a shelf in the garage. A true pleasure to own. Thanks for getting it to us on time, Jerry Click here for details.

I was skeptical, at best, about a product that costs SO much less than the originals. But with the choice of replacing 2 wheel covers on my van to the tune of about $150, I ordered from you instead. It wasn't without some studying - I went through your FAQ's, read all the posted customer comments, and still phoned you twice prior to my order!

Once I ordered, the product came promptly within a week, and looks remarkably similar to the originals. Although we have only had the wheel covers on for a few weeks, we expect that we will be pleased with our decision for much longer. Thanks for giving us an economical choice! Pleased in TX. Click here for details.

I recently received the seat covers for my Toyota pickup and I love them! They installed very easily and look sharp. The color matches my interior and the quality of workmanship is superb. Thank you for making such a fine product. Tim McCracken Click here for details.

Five stars for your customer service! Jackie

I'm so glad I finally found 12" hub caps. I have looked everywhere for them. There were only two places that carry that size. The dealer of course and a privately owned store. The dealer wanted (for the cheap ones), $95 for one hub cap! The other store wanted $65 for one also. What a rip off! Thank you for having four 12" hub caps for $50! Cyndi B. Click here for details.

I received my order and I am very impressed with my new wheel covers. I had lost one of my original covers and was having a difficult time finding a replacement. The replacement covers are different than the original ones on my car but look just like the aluminum wheels offered on this car (Bonneville.) I actually think the car looks better now then it did before. Better yet, I paid less for the wheel covers you offered than I would have probably paid for just one of the factory originals. William Morgan Click here for details.

Just a quick note that I just received my 16" wheel covers for my GMC full sized van and I am very impressed with the quality, look, and feel of your product. Frankly, the quality exceeded my expectations and it really dressed up my vehicle. Delivery was quick and I enjoyed talking to your knowledgeable sales staff. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends when they ask about my wheel covers. Sincerely, Kevin Hassett Click here for details.

I have received an excellent quality product. The order was for the Tailored Fit seat covers for an 1994 Toyota 4WD Extra Cab. Again, great product and I have referred others to your site. Thanks, Rick Chessnut Click here for details.

I got the wheel covers today. I love them. I can't believe they were only $50.00. I would have paid twice as much. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the very impressive work. Thank you, Michael Parelli Click here for details.

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service regarding my inquiries about the seat covers you sell. I work in internet marketing, and I am aware of all the sleazy companies out there -- yours is obviously not one. I, too, work for a very reputable company. We answer our email promptly, our phone by the third ring and never use a hard sell approach (and I appreciated that you did not do that either). Hence, I appreciate good customer service and offer the same to others.

The seat covers are lovely! My son installed them last Saturday -- took him under ten minutes. They fit snugly and are very comfortable -- no more scratches from the old cracked vinyl, second degree burns on a hot day and no itchy rough material! I was impressed that they are so well padded, which adds to the comfort.

I have been showing them to everyone who has a free moment (and dragging some along who don't), and the overall consensus is "Wow! You got a helluva deal!"

I received the seat covers ten days after your confirmation! Amazing. My son who works in auto parts had warned me that specialty items often take six to eight weeks. Excellent service.

In fact, do you have any business cards? Several people have said they might consider ordering some, and one I suspect is quite serious. I may be moving soon, and if I could give them your card, they wouldn't need to contact me later for the info (they're not all on the internet).

I know there are tons of scams and bad deals out there. Picking a company you don't know from the computer, sending them money and hoping for the best is definitely scary. But in this case, boy did I score!

The only problem: Now my back seat looks ugly and out of place! So don't be surprised when in the next month or two I order seat covers for the back seat too.

A very happy and satisfied customer (with very grateful thighs), Ari Click here for details.

Dear Sir, I received my wheel cover order. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the quality and price. I didn't know what to expect. After all, when I priced a single wheel cover from the dealer for $122, I could only pray that I could receive 4 new wheel covers for $42 and be happy. Well, my prayer was answered. Thanks again for being there. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who doesn't want to get "ripped off" by the auto dealers. Sincerely, Daniel Astuto Click here for details.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for the seat covers! I just installed them in my 1991 Toyota X-Cab Pickup, and couldn't be happier! It took me all of 20 minutes! Thanks again! Rod Pendleton Click here for details.

Dear Fellow Shoppers: My name is Kim L. Carey.  I am writing about the exceptional and prompt service that I received from Automotive Enhancement. If you are looking for quality, reasonably priced wheel covers then Automotive Enhancement is where you should shop.  My husband has a 1973 Ford Pickup and I searched all over for wheel covers for his truck.  When I called Automotive Enhancement, they were very friendly and knowledgeable. They were also very prompt in delivering the wheel covers to me. Their prices are extremely fair to boot! Needless to say, my husband was very happy with his gift and I have only Automotive Enhancement to thank for this... I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone looking for wheel covers. The best part of it was that I didn't have to leave home to find this wonderful company. I rate Automotive Enhancement  OUTSTANDING! Sincerely, Kim L. Carey Click here for details.

We've received and installed our seat covers! They look great and are well worth the price to get something that fits so well it looks like original equipment. Thanks for providing such a great product! Andrea Quimby Click here for details.

I received my wheel covers last Friday and I am very pleased with them -they are very good quality and they look great on my vehicle. Thank you also for your excellent service. I will recommend your business to anyone who needs wheel covers. Thank you very much. Jenni Schmidt Click here for details.

I called you on Monday and the wheel covers arrived, as you said they would, on Thursday.  They are great -- same quality as the originals and better looking.  With what the Mitsubishi dealer wanted to charge me for one wheel cover, I could have bought sixteen wheel covers from you. Thanks, William Jack Click here for details.

Just thought I'd update you on the installation of the seat covers. They installed very easily and look so good that it appears I have totally reupholstered my seats! Thank you for such a well made product. I may eventually have the rear seats done as well. David T. Peterson Click here for details.

Thanks for everything. I got the wheel covers and I was more than satisfied. They are much better than I expected. I'll tell all my friends about you and hope to do more business with you in the future. Thanks again!!!!!!! Anthony Martin Click here for details.

Yesterday I received the wheel covers. They arrived one week earlier than planned, and they look fantastic. I am doing some work on the car and the new wheel covers look like factory originals. FYI, I called the local dealer and to replace the wheel covers the price was $100 each. At a local used wheel cover place, they asked $45.00 for a used one and $35 each for the replicas. I got a set of 4 from your company for the price of one at this local company!! Keep doing such a good job. I know you will have a lot of satisfied customers and of course you are going to have a lot of referrals from me. By the way, congratulations on your Web site, very professional looking and complete. Thanks & take care. Jose Ramos Click here for details.

Just wanted to thank you for the fast response to my tonneau cover order. I did receive it last Friday, just in time for a trip I had that weekend. I really appreciated your timely and courteous responses to my Emails and I would definitely order for your company again. Thanks and have a great day! Click here for details.

Today I received seat covers and wish to thank you! Your assistance was greatly appreciated and will be remembered. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, family and acquaintances. It's nice to know that there are still businesses that care. Joseph Zyglocke Click here for details.

Thank You! I received my wheel simulator order today and it was everything your web site said it would be. I am a very satisfied customer and you may use me as a reference. One more question, do you have a catalog, simply because I am looking for some seat covers for my mercedes/benz. Again Thank You!! Mr. Verner R. Fitts Jr. Click here for details.

Hi Cindy, Yes, we did receive our console. In fact, it arrived this past weekend. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate the quick follow up. It's been a pleasure dealing with Auto Enhancement. You have a happy customer here! Have a great day! Sincerely, Lorraine O'Rourke

After losing a wheel cover from my wife's Toyota Paseo, I surfed the Web to find a cost effective solution to restore the appearance of the car. I came across your web site and ordered a set of 4 chromed wheel covers. I have been nothing but extremely satisfied since. My order arrived promptly and I was immediately impressed with the value of the product ordered. The caps look great!!! They are heavily chromed and LOOK JUST LIKE fashionable, expensive chrome rims. I still can't believe the low price! The car looks great and my wife is very proud of her car's new looks! Thanks, MJG Click here for details.

Vince Epling D.V.M: I did receive the seat covers, put the first ones on last night then got the second ones on today. i love the seat covers, the fit and comfort is outstanding. Click here for details.

I am just writing to tell you how pleased I am with your company - and I have not even received my order yet! I called your customer service representative several times this week before placing an order for wheel covers and he very patiently answered all of my questions. After finally placing an order on Wednesday, I realized I had ordered the wrong size. I again called and spoke to the representative, whose name I believe was Randy, he called the shipping department and caught my order before it went out and changed the size for me. I am most appreciative, because I am restoring an old truck and am anxious to receive the wheel covers. Had my order not been intercepted, I would have had to gone through the hassle of sending the shipment back and waiting another week for my order. Thanks for your great customer service! sheri herrin

I just had to write and thank you for my new wheel covers! I love them. I was so surprised they came today, that was really fast and they are exactly what I wanted and they look fantastic on the car! Keep up the good work. Now I'm going to look at seat covers! I am definitely going to tell everyone I know about your company. Thanks again! Mrs. Lisa Kluger

Got my trim rings today and they look great !!! Thanks and I may be ordering another set for spares. Later. David G Bobb

Hi, my order for wheel covers just came in and I would like to express my satisfaction with the way they look, even better than the photo on the web page. Also since they have a quality look and low price I can change the look of the car as often as I want by ordering more different styles of covers. If I spend a few hundred on maintenance why not spend on different covers and order four sets so I can go out "dressed up" or "casual", or "sporty". Thanks again, Jeff Waterman

Hi, I received my new wheel covers yesterday and just wanted to send a note saying thanks for the quick service and to tell you how pleased I am. Even with shipping to Canada they were a bargain and look better than I expected. They make my winter snows look classier than ever. Mike Jackson Toronto Canada - '97 Saab 900s

Thank you very much for your immediate and customer pleasing reply to my message concerning the Tonneau cover. Be assured that this response has resulted in my loyalty as a customer and that I will most surely recommend your company to anyone in need of the products you offer. Thank you again for your interest and efforts. - John W. Grove

Thank you for your prompt delivery of our seat covers. We are extremely pleased with your products fit and materials. We have searched for over 12 months for seat covers that half-way fit our crew cab Chevy Truck. The seat covers purchased from your company fit exactly, and the color matches our factory interior perfectly. At first glance, you can't even tell we have seat covers on the seats. We are proud to recommend your company to all of our RV'ing friends across the continental United States. Ron & Ann McGinnis Tomball, Texas

In October 2000 I ordered a split bench seat cover from you for my 1982 Toyota SR 5. I found your information through your web site and telephoned you to place the order.

Frankly, I was a bit apprehensive about ordering this product over the telephone at the cost quoted. The package arrived promptly containing the specially made product, but I did not open the package until recently because I had loaned the truck to a friend who's car had quit.

I would like to share the following comments about the product you sold me. The quality is superior-well worth the money paid-especially with the added bonus of a behind the seat storage compartment and in front of the seats hidden storage pouches. The seat cover was very easy to install-I did so with out reading the directions. The cover fits extremely well and appears to be very durable. In addition, it adds the padded comfort that was lacking in my well used seat cushions. The truck is in excellent condition -175,000 plus miles-blue in color/long bed with a camper shell and camper kit. The seat cover has increased the look and value of my classic vehicle. Thank you for this fine product and your very good assistance over the phone with the help of your web site. I would recommend your services to anyone who seeks a quality product. Sincerely, Carol A. Dennis

Hi, my console has arrived and I am extremely pleased with it in every way. It is as you represent in every way. Thanks again. Bob Baize

I've received and installed the front sheepskin seat covers. The quality and fit is exceptional.

Thanks for your attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. It's always a pleasure to deal with true professionals and I will continue to recommend your products highly. Best wishes, Mark Simpson

Just wanted you to know that I got wheel covers for my '96 Miata, and they look and are great! My old wheels were rusty, and I was looking for an inexpensive solution. Your product was the solution---they hid the old wheels and look like new wheels! Many thanks! Joe Gallant Cape Cod, MA

Hi folks. I just wanted to let you know that my tonneau cover arrived today, and I couldn't be happier. The quality of the cover is superb, your shipping was fast, and installation was a snap!! I want to thank you for your outstanding service, and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you once again. William T. Pilkenton, Jr.

We have many more comments like these available on file.....
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