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It would be easy for us to just to use our secure ordering system to take wheel simulator orders without making certain that you are ordering the correct part as others do. However, we want to ensure that each of our customers get shipped wheel simulators that will fit perfectly, first time every time.

We know that the same make, model and year vehicles often have different wheels installed by the OEM vehicle mfgs. depending on the model, level of trim and other factors, within the same model year. This fact can make a significant difference in the way the simulators you purchase fit, and sometimes, whether they will even fit at all. Therefore, please call us toll free at 1-800-259-1773 with the information requested below for a accurate, free quote.

We will save you money and eliminate the possibility of a shipment error and the hassle of having to make a return.

We have over 40 years of experience in our field and will be happy to assist you. Since 1976, we have offered the very best in professional grade wheel trim products.

What is your wheel number?

Every wheel has a wheel number usually located near the wheel center between the lug nuts or around the outer lip of the wheel.

The wheel number will most likely be a FIRESTONE / ACCURIDE number which starts with a 2, (not a 3) and is a 5 digit number - no letters.

27995 would be a correct example......

2P43L or 33745 would be a Incorrect Example...... ( see figure 1 below )

  • 1. Wheel part# location
  • 2. Hand holes
  • 3. Stud holes
  • 4. Wheel diameter

This wheel number gives us a positive ID on the wheels on your vehicle.

We request this information to ensure you are sent the correct set for your make model and year.

Please have the information as requested below ready when you call us. If you have this number when you call, we will be happy to quote you the best price in the industry on the highest quality, best fitting wheel simulators available anywhere.

In many cases, wheel simulators are not universal fit as manufacturers sometimes change wheel numbers within the same make model and year model runs. We have seen this to be the case many times in over 30 years in this industry.

Just one example.....Ford F Series Trucks 1999-current. Ford built these vehicles with 2 different stud sizes in the same model years......

Companies that are willing to sell you parts without due diligence on their part are frankly, in our view, doing their customers a disservice in this regard. Our goal is a long term business relationship with our customers by ensuring that we provide the best service possible and deliver the correct parts first time, every time.

Also, please note that imported vehicles may have a ' Topy ' wheel number. 127-9 would be a correct example of a Topy wheel number...... 3 digits, then a hyphen, followed by another digit.

If you have confirmed your wheel number please call 1-800-259-1773 to order.

 In the event that you have carefully looked for the wheel number but cannot find it for some reason, we will need the following information when you call.
  •  How many hand holes per wheel?
  •  How many lug nuts - front wheels?
  •  How many lug nuts - rear wheels?
  •  Is this for a truck, trailer, RV or van? Make, Model, Yr.
  •  How many axles?
  •  Is this a 4WD or 2WD?
  • What is the wheel width? ie 16 x 6
  • Hub or Stud Piloted?
  •  Hex Size, which will enable us to determine your wheel stud size.

Hub / Stud Piloted / Hex Size Information

In some cases, the same wheel numbers can have different lug nut sizes. When you call with the Accuride or Topy wheel number, we will know if we require this optional information.

The following image shows how to measure a lug nut (hex size). ( figure 2 below ) When you measure the lug nut you should come up with either metric or standard measurements. 

Hub piloted wheels are easily distinguished by the built in washer on the back side of the lug.


 Hub Pilot Sizes
30 mm, 32 mm, 33 mm 38 mm
Stud Pilot Sizes
1.5", 1.75", 1 5/8"
Hex size (lug nut size)

We will not be undersold and no one in this industry offers a better looking, longer lasting stainless steel wheel simulator!
Our AE series, lifetime warranty wheel simulator line, is wheel specific for the best fit in our industry. Our simulators are manufactured in a ISO 9000 9001 rated factory, many are not. These quality certifications ensure the finest quality, best fitting wheel simulators available anywhere. Additionally we sell to our customers at significantly discounted prices from "retail".....

Cheap stainless will rust in time and unfortunately some unscrupulous companies are making false claims as to quality. We have never done this and NEVER WILL.

Our Lifetime Warranty Series Simulators are made of the finest stainless bright polished, mirror finish T304L stainless steel you can buy and will look the same the day you install them, as when you finally retire your vehicle.

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