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Sheepskin seat covers provide unmatched comfort year-round and protect your seat from damage, which will help increase your vehicle resale value.

 Sheepskin Seat Covers are Perfect for Summer and Winter, keeping your seats cooler during the summer and warmer in wintertime, because of the breathing properties of wool's hollow fibers. They are always comfortable because they are incredibly soft, and they provide a comfortable cushion of air that acts as an excellent temperature insulator. With sheepskin seat covers, you will not have to worry about getting into a hot seat even on the hottest summer days. Sheepskin seat covers are often favored in warm climates because the sheepskin protects you from burning temperature seats. It could be 110 degrees outside, with a convertible top down in the direct sun, and you could get into your vehicle with a t-shirt and shorts on, without any concern of being scorched by your seat. Try that without a sheepskin seat cover! However, during cold winter months, sheepskin seat covers work in the exact opposite way, insulating you from the cold, perfect for giving you that extra added comfort and warmth.

 Leather seats do not protect you from either hot or cold weather and are very expensive to replace if they wear out or are damaged. Sheepskin provides an excellent cushion of insulating air between you and your leather seats while simultaneously protecting your leather from scratching, stains, and sun fade. Moreover, while your seat covers are protecting you, they will add resale value to your car by protecting your expensive upholstery from wear and sun damage. The natural lanolin in sheepskin will improve the durability of leather seats over time, making sheepskin seat covers an excellent investment.

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