Do you sell hard, fiberglass tonneaus?

No, hard tonneaus generally cost as much as camper shells. In addition, if a return is necessary, shipping can be Very Costly. The fabric used in our tonneau covers is a heavy weight vinyl impregnated canvas that is designed specifically for tonneau cover applications. This is a OEM grade, all weather fabric that has proven to last for many years in any climate zone.

tonneau cover truck bed cover snap style

Do your soft tonneau covers lock?

No, the tonneau covers are made to be easily removed in order to load tall cargo when needed. However, the Lift Top style has 2 locking levers that lock the cover down when driving. The tail gate has to be opened to release the locking levers as shown.

tonneau cover truck bed cover low profile style

Are color options available for your tonneaus?

We do not offer colored soft tonneaus as is the case with the majority of soft tonneau manufacturers. Even if you found a colored soft tonneau somewhere, we can positively say - it will not match your vehicle color. This is why in general, soft tonneau manufacturers have stopped making colored tonneaus. Time has shown that the only way to get a match is to use a original paint code mixed to match. Generic colors will not match your vehicle color and often will clash with your vehicle color.

tonneau cover truck bed cover top mount

Will your tonneaus work with tool boxes?

Due to the fact that tool boxes are available in numerous sizes, we do not alter tonneau sizes for tool boxes. However, modifications can be made to our tonneau by a professional upholstery shop. By doing the tonneau modification "on site" you can be assured of a perfect, tight custom fit to the tool box.

tonneau cover truck bed cover ultra-lift

Will your tonneaus work with over the rail type bed liners?

Our tonneaus utilize a clamp on attachment system. They are not designed to install correctly with over the rail bed liners. The best solution is to cut back the aftermarket bed liner so that it fits under the rail. Cutting back the bed liner will allow you to properly attach the supplied clamps to the truck bed rails. This has been done by numerous customers who have ordered our tonneaus.

tonneau cover truck bed cover hook and loop velcro

Regarding Standard Equipment OEM bed rail caps:

If you have original equipment bed rail caps that are standard equipment for your model truck, please see our application list for the tonneau model you are interested in. If your bed rail caps are standard equipment, and we show a application available for your make, model, and year, this indicates that our engineers have taken these OEM bed rail caps into consideration and these rail caps do not present a installation problem.

tonneau cover truck bed cover softopper softcap topper

What is the warranty

Lifetime warranty on all tonneau cover hardware. 1 year warranty on the tonneau cover fabric. This OEM grade fabric has been tested and proven in all weather conditions, from the harshest summer heat to the below zero temperatures in Alaska. We are proud of the fact that our outstanding tonneau covers have been chosen by 2 of the big 3 truck manufactures in the USA as their tonneau cover of choice.

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