Tonneau covers ( truck bed covers ) are proven to increase gas mileage because they smooth out the air flow over the pickup truck bed. Gas mileage gains of 2-3 miles per gallon are not uncommon. All our tonneau covers come with user friendly illustrated instructions making installation easy. Padded frames eliminate metal to metal contact of the tonneau frame and your truck. No drilling is required for installation of any of our tonneau covers. All our tonneau covers feature a durable leather grain vinyl cover that contours to the shape of the truck bed. Strong, flexible bows enhance water runoff. These tonneau covers will not void your vehicle warranty.

Low Profile Tonneau Covers

 This tonneau cover features a smooth low look for the entire truck bed. The truck beds stake holes are left exposed to allow for most top mounted truck accessories.

Top Mount Tonneau Covers

 This soft tonneau cover clamps to your truck bed rails. The tonneau cover can easily be rolled up and tied to the front rail with the included ties.

Snap Tonneau Covers

Our Snap tonneau cover allows for the cover to attach to the rails quickly and securely. The snaps are constructed of powder coated brass buttons, nickel plated brass sockets and "High Global" polymer studs for lasting performance. Our unique "No Slip" studs won't slide out of place when removed, allowing for quick re-attachment of this tonneau cover in all weather conditions.

 Our Ultra Lift tonneau cover is lockable and lifts up on heavy duty gas charged shocks for easy cargo access. Clamp on tonneau rail design eliminates the need to drill holes in your truck bed rails.

Ultra Lift Tonneau Cover Details

Hook and loop ( velcro ) tonneaus are a low cost alternative tonneau cover to our rail tonneaus. Industrial grade hook and loop velcro fastening allows easy access to the truck bed in any climate.

Hook and Loop Velcro Tonneau Covers

Our retractable truck bed cover is perfect for camping or hauling tall cargo. This model easily retracts and folds down flat at the front of the truck bed in a matter of seconds, allowing full access to the entire truck bed.

Retracting, Collapsible ,Truck Bed Cover Camper Shell Topper







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