Wheel Simulator Wheel Cover
Chrome Stainless Steel Liners

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Our stainless steel, wheel simulator, rim liner hubcap covers are available for heavy trucks, RV and Motor homes, standard pickup trucks, dual wheel vans, and trucks. We also offer chrome stainless steel simulators and wheel cover liners for trailer and bus applications.

wheel cover
                      stainless steel 19.5
stainless steel
                      wheel simulator 22.5


 John Deere

 Orion II Bus
 RV Motorhome

 Sprinter Van

 Pickup Trucks Single Rear Wheels
 Trailer Wheel Center Caps Hubcaps

 16" Single Wheel Trucks
 16" Japanese Trucks

 18" Single Wheel Trucks
 19.5" Accuride


Wheel Center Caps
22.5" & 24.5" Trucks, Motorhomes, RVs

Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Models

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