Isuzu Softopper Softcap

Retractable, collapsible camper shell topper.

Hard camper shell protection for $100s less!

Lowers wind resistance for better gas mileage.

The most versatile truck bed covers available.

 A outstanding alternative to traditional tonneau covers and hard camper shells.

Softopper convertible truck toppers are available for most midsize pickup trucks including Isuzu. The Softopper is undoubtedly the most versatile camper shell on the market today. With a Softopper for your Isuzu pickup, you have the best of both worlds, cargo protection from the elements when needed, and full use of your truck bed a moment later. One person can open or retract the cap in about a minute, so you can have a full time truck cap or a cap on full time standby. It can also be removed easily, disassembled and placed in the boot cover which doubles as a storage bag. The entire unit weighs less than 25 lbs....., so it can easily be handled by anyone.
Softoppers are great for camping, sporting events, on the job, and countless other uses. When you need the bed protected it's there, and when you need the extra head or cargo room it's gone. Softopper's fully collapsible, aluminum frame hugs your truck's bed rails, with special purpose clamps, so no drilling is required. The canopy forms a weather-tight seal to keep the elements out. When collapsed, you have unrestricted visibility, plus enough room for your motorcycle, refrigerator or other tall cargo. If you don't need the cap on full time, store it behind your seat so it's always handy... or in a closet or even under a bed. Or, just lean it up in the garage until needed again.

Only the very best materials are used to build Softopper. All of the frame components and fittings are also used in the Marine industry. Using only materials tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions, much worse than you will ever put your pickup through, the Softopper is made to last. The canopies are made with a fabric called Sunbrella. It is a premier, marine grade, 100% solution dyed, woven acrylic fabric. This fabric has been proven against water, wind, rain, sunlight, fading, mildew and rot, and will remain beautiful for years. Sunbrella is also the chosen fabric on most marine applications as it is made to stand-up to mother nature in all 4 seasons. There is no better product on the market for this application. We want you to have your Isuzu Softopper for many years and recommend one to your friends so we feel it's extremely important that you're completely happy with your purchase. That's why we have used the finest materials available.

Softopper is a excellent alternative to standard truck bed tonneau covers for Isuzu pickups.

Available for your pickup Black, Tan, or Grey




Comes complete with all hardware and a storage bag.


Softopper convertible truck caps are currently available for most midsize pickup trucks including Isuzu, Tacoma, Nissan, Ford Ranger, Mazda, Chevy S10, GMC Sonoma

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Softopper is also available for the following midsize "step side" models: Isuzu, Tacoma, Nissan, Ford Ranger, Mazda, Chevy S-10, GMC Sonoma.

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Full size short bed models include Isuzu, Tundra, T-100, Dodge Ram, Chevy 1500, Silverado, Ford F-150, Ford F-250 & Ford F-350 series trucks.

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Full size long bed models include Isuzu, Tundra, T-100, Dodge Ram, Chevy 1500, Silverado, Ford F-150, Ford F-250 & Ford F-350 series trucks.

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Dodge Dakota.

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 Occasionally, we may have a second quality Softopper available at a reduced price.

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