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LeBra Ultra-Lift

Tonneau cover Ultra-Lift style

 The Ultra Lift tonneau cover mounts by means of clamps to the pickup truck bed rails. There is no drilling required to install this tonneau cover. Easy to operate and quick to assemble.

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This tonneau cover pickup truck bed cover features reliable dual gas struts for easy opening and closing and is load tested for heavy snow conditions. The integrated, tonneau cover bows enhance storm runoff. The anodized aluminum Ultra-Lift tonneau cover frame will not rust and is padded to eliminate metal to metal contact of the frame and your pickup truck bed rails. Gas mileage is improved due to a much smoother airflow across the truck bed which reduces drag. Our flip lock attachment system is used for a tight, water resistant seal.  A 2 lever latch system locks under your truck bed rails to secure the tonneau cover to your truck bed. These levers are located near the tailgate and can easily be accessed through the tail gate which can be opened when the tonneau cover is in the locked position.

Ultra-Lift tonneau cover locking lever illustration

This model is not recommended for those who need to remove the tonneau cover frequently. The tonneau cover material on the Ultra Lift is not designed to be frequently removed as the cover lifts up on the gas struts to allow bed access. If you needed to carry tall cargo, the tonneau cover and frame can be taken off the vehicle completely by removing the clamps. ( a easy task ) If you carry cargo regularly and want to be able to roll up the cover, you should choose one of our other tonneau cover models.

Not recommended for use with over the rail type bed liners.

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