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Tonneau Cover Pickup Truck Bed Cover

LeBra Top Mount Style

 With our Top Mounted Tonneau Cover for pickup truck beds, it is easy to protect your valuable cargo from sleet, rain and snow. This pickup truck bed tonneau cover features a smooth, low profile look.

tonneau cover pickup truck bed cover

The tonneau cover frame clamps securely to the pickup truck top rails and there is no drilling required for installation. The non rusting, aluminum tonneau cover frame is padded so the frame rails do not contact your truck bed rails. There is no metal to metal contact between our tonneau cover rails and your truck bed top rails. Our tonneau cover does not void your vehicle warranty. Lifetime warranty on the tonneau cover rails, bows and clamps.

tonneau cover pickup truck bed cover rail and clamp system

All our tonneau covers are fully tested for snow and rain loads. Strong flexible bows enhance water runoff and quickly snap into place. Water resistant integrated straps hold the tonneau cover fabric out of the way when not in use.

tonneau cover pickup truck bed cover bows

The tailgate can be lowered without removal of the tonneau cover. Gas mileage is improved because of greatly reduced wind resistance which also decreases wind noise generated by a open uncovered truck bed. The vinyl impregnated canvas tonneau cover fabric has been weather tested under the harshest conditions and has been proven to last for many years.

tonneau cover pickup truck bed cover shown with the tailgate open

Cargo is kept out of sight for increased security. This tonneau cover installation takes around 30 minutes and complete illustrated instructions are included. Tools are not required for installation. This tonneau cover utilizes the state of the art "flip lock" attachment system which provides a tight water resistant seal against the elements.

 tonneau cover pickup truck bed cover flip lock attachment illustration

 tonneau cover pickup truck bed cover flip lock attachment

The revolutionary Flip Lock system is ideal for attaching the tonneau cover securely and quickly to the truck bed. All you need to do is slip the tonneau cover's sewn in co-polymer strip into the channel of the aluminum frame, for the perfect weatherproof seal. The "Quick Release Tab" will enable you to open and close the tonneau cover easily in all weather conditions. Once on, the cover will remain tightly stretched and aerodynamic, keeping the weather out and valuable cargo hidden.

 Not recommended for use with over the rail bed liners.

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