Softopper Softcap Camper Shell

How to measure your truck bed.



It is important that the bed measurements be taken on your truck. (we advise all customers to measure twice, order once). Measure from the inside edge of the side bed rail (the edge that is on a 90 degree angle to the ground to the same point on the other side) for width. Measure from the same point at the top rail inside edge behind the cab back to the tailgate. As long as your measurement falls within the given range on the page that lists your model you are good to go.


Please be sure to measure the truck box before ordering. If you do not submit your bed dimensions when ordering, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the correct model. Our goal is your complete and total satisfaction and the minute or two it takes to measure, will eliminate any possibility of getting the wrong size Softopper. Please be sure to measure the truck box before ordering and submit your measurement with your order. Thank you.

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