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Frequently Asked Questions

Softopper Retractable Canvas Truck Topper Camper Shell Tonneau Cover Truck Bed Cover

 When the sides and back are rolled up how are they held in place?

  • They are held in place with built in marine grade buckles.

 How are the sides held down when not in the closed position?

  • Marine grade snaps on the inside of the fabric and marine zippers at the corners.

 Are the corner zippers covered?

  • Yes, they are covered with a weather flap to shed rain.

 What kind of weather-stripping protects the truck bed rails from metal to metal contact?

  • The weather stripping is the same type used on most fibreglass and steel camper shells. Ours has a mylar backing which is smooth and shiny and won't stick to the truck. It comes already attached to the Softopper bed rail.

 Can I drive at normal highway speeds?

  • Yes, of course. Once Softopper is clamped down it is secure.

Wind noise from the topper at speed?

  • There is no noise from the cap.. ...Nothing flaps or vibrates.

Are the front and rear flap covers both clear?

  • Yes

How long does it take to assemble?

  • The first time should take most people about 15 minutes. Softoppers frame is color coded so it's simple to assemble. When storing, most people leave it assembled and folded up. However, if removed completely, it takes about 90 seconds to put it back on..

How many people are required for assembly?

  • One person can easily assemble Softopper. However, you'll save a couple minutes on initial assembly with 2 people, so one can hold the frame upright as it's assembled.

Are tools required?

  • The only tool needed is an adjustable wrench to tighten the clamps down.

How long does it take to remove completely, disassemble and store behind the seat?

  • About 5 min to dismantle it completely, fold and store in the optional storage bag.

What is the warranty?

  • All Softopper tops are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. Any abuse or modification of the product voids the warranty.
  • Note: Over the rail bed liners may require cutting approximately 2" holes at each of the clamp locations.
  • Ford Rangers with the 3" thick bed rail bumpers will not work without removing the bumpers. The bumper installation damages the truck rail, and removing them exposes this damage.

Can cargo be loaded and carried on the top of Softopper?

  • No, the unit is not designed to carry cargo like a roof rack.

I have a bedliner, can I still install Softopper?

  • If it's a under the rail bedliner, then it doesn't affect installation at all. If your bedliner goes up and over the edge of the truck, then you will need 2 holes on each side ( 3 if it's a longbed ) in the bed liner to allow for the clamps. Many bedliners already have the holes put in at the factory ( they are approx 12-18 inches from the front and rear, just below the top edge ) and some have a plug in them that you pull out. If you don't already have the holes, you can cut them out ( 2 inches in diameter ) with a hole saw or a dremel tool.

What about snow loads? Click here for details.

Why buy a Softopper?

  • Softopper costs less than half the price of the average hard shell.
  • Provides more functionality than a Tonneau Cover.
  • Softopper is there when you need it and gone when you don't.
  • Great for camping, hunting, sporting events, work trucks, motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts etc.
  • Weighs less than 48 Lbs.
  • Totally safe at highway speeds (sides rolled up or down)
  • Offers unrestricted visibility when retracted.
  • Stores in a optional compact carrying case/boot cover when not in use.
  • Inexpensive to ship.
  • Looks great on your pick-up truck.

Is the Softopper Expensive? - Not at all!

Softopper is a convertible top for a pickup truck, pure and simple.

See the 2000 Mazda Miata below? The convertible top on this car costs $2000.00, without the frame, and for most people, requires a shop professional to replace.

Compare that to the Softopper Convertible Top and it is Clearly a bargain at a few hundred dollars. Additionally, the Softopper is so well designed that anyone can install the top in less than a hour. The Softopper uses a state of the art convertible top fabric that has proven to last for many, many years.

The softopper is a truly outstanding bargain.

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