Softopper Retractable Canvas Truck Topper Camper Shell Tonneau Cover Truck Bed Cover

Why Buy A Softopper?

  • Softopper costs less than half the price of the average hard shell.
  • Provides more functionality than a Tonneau Cover.
  • Softopper is there when you need it and gone when you don't.
  • Great for camping, hunting, sporting events, work trucks, motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts etc.
  • Weighs less than 48 Lbs.
  • Totally safe at highway speeds (sides rolled up or down)
  • Offers unrestricted visibility when retracted.
  • Fits in a compact carrying case/boot cover (included) when not in use.
  • Inexpensive to ship.
  • Looks great on your pick-up truck.

Is the Softopper Expensive? - Not at all!

Softopper is a convertible top for a pickup truck, pure and simple.

See the 2000 Mazda Miata below? The convertible top on this car costs $2000.00, without the frame, and for most people, requires a shop professional to replace.

Compare that to the Softopper Convertible Top and it is Clearly a bargain at a few hundred dollars. Additionally, the Softopper is so well designed that anyone can install the top in less than a hour. The Softopper uses a state of the art convertible top fabric that has proven to last for many, many years.

The softopper is a truly outstanding bargain.

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A few customer comments

We got back to Texas from NH yesterday and the Softopper was perfect. We ended up needing some additional storage space outside of our motorcycle trailer and the back of the truck was perfectly dry and dust free thanks to the top. I even spent a night sleeping in there at a rest stop during a rain storm and everything worked great. Thanks for a great product.

Ed P - Texas

Just a note to let you know the softtopper worked great...I've never seen one so simple to assemble. My wife and 8 year old grandson did all the assembly. We had a lot of great comments about it. This topper has already traveled almost 4000 miles and even went through a wicked hail storm with no problems.

Vern P - Mesa, Arizona

The top worked great all 1500 miles, and remember that over 400 were off road !!! Sun, rain, sand, wind, saltwater, dirt and rocks... not a problem. And at home we just rinsed it off, put it back in the tote bag and stuck it on a shelf in the garage. A true pleasure to own.


Great cap. Worked well ice fishing up in Canada and quite a few people were impressed with it. Being able to open the sides up and get to gear at the back of the bed without crawling in is great. Also held up well in the wind and freezing conditions. Glad I bought it!

Rod B - Buffalo, NY

The Softopper looks great and functions even better. It literally can be installed or removed in minutes and the carry pouch makes moving the unit easy. I was skeptical of the overall quality of a "soft top" but I'm happy I decided to buy your product. I can't count how many people have commented on the Softopper.

Chris G - Amherst, Ohio


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