Softopper Full Size Short Bed

Truck Bed Cover Applications

Softopper Retractable Canvas Truck Topper Camper Shell
          Tonneau Cover Truck Bed Cover

GMC Sierra

 Ford F-150

Dodge Ram

  Titan King Cab

Chevy 1500

 Titan Standard Cab

Toyota T-100

Tundra Double Cab

Toyota Tundra

Tundra Access Cab

Chevy Silverado

Older F150 F250 F350

Softopper Model Index

Chevy Avalanche Softopper Is Now Available

Full size pickup truck models must have bed dimensions that fall within the following ranges:
Width 61"- 65"
Length 65"- 66" and Length 74"- 80"

Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500
4 door crew cab short bed
with box dimensions within the following ranges:

Length (inside) 68 inches
Width (inside) 61.5 - 63.5 inches
These include:
Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab
GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab
Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra
with the OEM utility track system.

We have special clamps that slide into the utility rack. When the clamps are installed, you cannot use the slide rack for sliding trays when the softopper is on, as the clamps are blocking it. There is a clamp 12-15 inches from the front and rear of the bed.

Note: there are 3 bed sizes available for the 2007 Tundra so be sure to measure your bed. See below for important bed measurement details.
* Important note regarding older model Fords:
Pre 1997 Ford shortbed models (all the same body style) including F150, 250, and 350 models:
Order Model # FS 80 ( slightly longer )
Softopper Storage Bag and
Rear Window Screen Options
 The optional rear window panel screen replaces the standard clear vinyl window. You can easily change back and forth should the weather change. The screen is great for camping in the summer months and your dogs will enjoy the added ventilation as well.

softopper rear screen

Softopper Storage Bag
softopper storage bag 
softopper storage bags 

Softopper Part Numbers

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 Please be sure to measure your truck bed before ordering. To ensure that you receive the correct model Softopper, we must have the bed dimensions of your pickup truck included with your order information. If this information is not included, we cannot be responsible for order error. Please be sure to measure your pickup truck bed and include this important information with your order to ensure that you receive the correct Softopper.

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Note: A Utility Trac System is a moveable tie down attachment system used on some import model trucks that is installed on the inside of the truck top bed rails. If you do not have this system installed in your truck bed you can ignore the question when ordering. If you do have this tie down system installed in your truck bed please note this when ordering so that we can send the correct clamps for your truck.

Easy installation instructions are included.


 White may also be available, however this color is being phased out so please call to check availability if you want white.


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shown on various color trucks


Only the finest materials are used to build Softopper. All of the frame components and fittings are also used in the Marine industry. You can rest assured that the Softopper will withstand the harshest weather conditions.

                                RETRACTABLE PICKUP TRUCK CAMPER SHELL

                                PICKUP TRUCK BED COVER

Softoppers utilize a new, state of the art fabric, that is also being used for brand new original equipment (OEM) Jeep soft tops and many major OEM convertible vehicle tops. The fabric consists of a exterior grade woven fabric, with a UV stabilized PVC coating for water resistance. This material has been proven against wind, snow, rain, sunlight, fading mildew and rot and will remain beautiful for many years, truly a all season fabric. This outstanding fabric has been tested under the harshest conditions to have the longest durability available for retractable or removable top applications.

                                SOFT TRUCK BED COVER

The Softopper is a excellent alternative to standard truck bed tonneau covers and camper shells.

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We got back to Texas from NH yesterday and the Softopper was perfect. We ended up needing some additional storage space outside of our motorcycle trailer and the back of the truck was perfectly dry and dust free thanks to the top. I even spent a night sleeping in there at a rest stop during a rain storm and everything worked great. Thanks for a great product. Ed P - Texas

Just a note to let you know the softtopper worked great...I've never seen one so simple to assemble. My wife and 8 year old grandson did all the assembly. We had a lot of great comments about it. This topper has already traveled almost 4000 miles and even went through a wicked hail storm with no problems. Vern P - Mesa, Arizona

The top worked great all 1500 miles, and remember that over 400 were off road !!! Sun, rain, sand, wind, saltwater, dirt and rocks... not a problem. And at home we just rinsed it off, put it back in the tote bag and stuck it on a shelf in the garage. A true pleasure to own.

Great cap. Worked well ice fishing up in Canada and quite a few people were impressed with it. Being able to open the sides up and get to gear at the back of the bed without crawling in is great. Also held up well in the wind and freezing conditions. Glad I bought it!  Rod B - Buffalo, NY

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